C2C Cyber Security Level 2

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  • Introduction to advanced Cyber Security concepts 
  • Introduction to Network Security 
  • Common network threats 
  • Network security controls and countermeasures 
  • Network security best practices 
  • Introduction to Cryptography 
  • Cryptography principles and techniques 
  • Cryptography algorithms 
  • Cryptography applications 
  • Introduction to Malware 
  • Types of Malware 
  • Malware detection techniques 
  • Malware prevention techniques 
  • Introduction to Incident Response 
  • Incident Response Plan 
  • Incident Response phases 
  • Incident Response best practices 
  • Introduction to Risk Assessment 
  • Risk Assessment methodology 
  • Risk Assessment tools and techniques 
  • Risk Assessment report and recommendations 
  • Introduction to Cyber Security Governance and Compliance 
  • Cyber Security policies and procedures 
  • Cyber Security regulations and compliance frameworks 
  • Cyber Security audit and assessment 
  • Develop a Cyber Security plan for a hypothetical organization
  • End-of-course assessment 

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